About us

We are an succesful team giving an excellent service, but we believe that those who best define our company are our customers. We have real references from demanding clients that feel satisfied because of successful cleaning service that we do.

We have used NSK for several years now and they have done a wonderful job! We have used other cleaning companies, and honestly we were shocked at what we were missing. We just did not know. The level of cleaning is that much better. In addition they are just nice people. Erika and everyone who works with her are just easy to work with. Unfortunately we are moving in the near future so we had to stop using them. Thank you again for your excellent work!


Tony Scuderi



Our Values

  • Commitment.
  • Ethics
  • Responsibility.
  • Community and environment

We’ve achieve an successful cleaning service

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A successful cleaning service helps us to be happy


NSK Cleaning Service LLC is a quality leader among the many home cleaning service companies in the industry.

Getting happy customers is very important for our team. A successful service is our higher priority.

A happy customer is gotten when their enjoy a successful cleaning service
If you get a succesful cleaning service, you can spend time with your family

Our History

We are a cleaning company you can trust.

Our services are to make sure you have more time with your loved ones and can focus on the aspects of your lifestyle that are more important to you than cleaning.

We have learnt a lot things for over ten years. We applied our experience daily to achieve a home professional cleaning service. We know how to clean a house successfuly.

Our cleaning services are affordable, and our cleaning employes are highly trained.

We have built an excellent, hard-working, respectful team and with necessary enthusiasm to give you an successful cleaning service.

now you can dedicate to personal things and spend time with your friends, family or personal projects.



What our customers say about us

We invite you to check out our following reviews so you can to confirm who we are ….


Committed to their work . Highest quality.

Alix Silva

Excellent cleaning service

We have been using NSK for several years now. They are truly amazing. Erika and her entire team are extremely nice to work with. They are very professional and work diligently to make our house shine. We used another company before being referred to Erika. It was like night and day. Erika’s team is just another level up in their work!!! Our house is so clean now that I have a 24 hour rule with my kids. The house must stay as neat and clean as Erika’s team left it for 24 hours before they can mess it up again!! Thank you for all that you do Erika!!



Lauren W. “… an amazing job”

I have been using NS& K for several months now and couldn’t be happier! After my family saw what an amazing job they did, they are using them now too!

“House looks amazing…”

House looks amazing, thank you!

Roman P. “…professional cleaning service we have ever used”

We have been using NSK Cleaning Service for the last 10 years and they are hands down the reliable and professional cleaning service we have ever used. They always show up when they are supposed. They do a very thorough and quick job and are even very flexible when we need to change cleaning dates. I would whole heartedly recommend them.


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